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CEC's mission is to restore hope, share God’s love and change lives in our community.

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MMOW has been providing meals for the elderly in the Denton, Tarrant, and Wise counties for over thirty-three years and is still rolling strong.

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For over 30 years, A WIsh With Wings has been granting magical wishes for little Texans with life-threatening conditions.

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Some of this months stories: "First Bite Gourmet," "A Wish With Wings," "March of Dimes," and "Boys and Girls Clubs."

Posted By Paul Harral on 2013 May 2 - 2:44pm

Byron knew he didn’t have long to live so his wish was to spend it playing games with family members and friends.

Rachel Jones knew she was where she wanted to be when she secured an internship with a Wish with Wings. “I fell in love with this organization the moment I walked in the door, and then after my first semester as an intern, it felt like home, like where I belonged and where I could make a...

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Imagine a restaurant where every individual in the community could enjoy a fresh meal, regardless of the amount of change in his or her pocket. Thanks to the creative minds at Taste Project, a local, non-profit organization fighting food insecurity, this idea will become a reality in the not-so-...

Posted By Anonymous on 2013 Apr 25 - 10:52am

This year’s Best Of party benefits Score a Goal in the Classroom, a local organization that works to motivate students to raise their grades and improve attendance in school. by Celestina Blok For Ernie Horn, what started as a volunteer gig to help out a friend 15 years ago turned into a...

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April is recognized as National Autism Awareness Month. About one in 88 children has been identified with an autism spectrum disorder, according to estimates from CDC's Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Network. The Autism Treatment Center (ATC) recently expanded to Fort Worth...

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Lena Pope Home understands the importance of starting early when it comes to quality education. Watch the full episode here:

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The Child Study Center provides diagnosis and treatment services to children who have, or are at risk for, developmental disabilities. Catch the full episode here:


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