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Please click on a medical specialty category to see this years winners list. Allergy/Immunology Anesthesiology Cardiac/Thoracic Surgery Cardiology Colon/Rectal Surgery Cosmetic Surgery Dermatology Emergency Care Endocrinology Gastroenterology General Surgery General/Family...

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How do you know if you need an M.D., D.O., N.P., P.A., S.L.P., O.T. or C.N.M.?

| by Allana Wooley | Written out, these acronyms look like a terrible Scrabble hand. With nearly 10 percent of the U.S. population actively employed in the field of health care, trying to sort out all of the definitions, certifications, requirements and specializations of each practitioner can...

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Texas History for Kids: Lone Star Lives and Legends encourages children to explore the state’s vibrant culture from past to present.

Author Karen Bush Gibson explores the stories and personalities of Texas, starting with details from the Cretaceous era. She covers the Native American history and the impact of European explorers and Spanish missions. Young readers will also learn about the first oil gusher at Spindletop, the...

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After a five-year run in the popular West 7th area, Teskey’s Uptown has closed for business. Locals will miss its “Rock ‘n Roll meets Cowboy Soul” selection. Have no fear though because Teskey’s Saddle & Tack Shop in Weatherford is still kickin’. Remaining...

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I spoke with my tax advisor last week and was reminded of how much I don’t like giving money to the government. The size of one’s tax bill is a topic people just don’t talk about with anyone, because it is directly related to how much money they make. When you hear a guy...

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Done correctly, using a foam roller can act like a free masseuse by breaking down knots and adhesions as well as healing tissue.

Self-myofascial release (SMR), also known as self-massage or foam rolling, has evolved from the once mysterious tool used by professional athletes, coaches and physical therapists to a familiar everyday practice for those at all fitness levels. With its low cost and availability in most sports and...

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Fort Worth Convention & Visitors Bureau celebrates 50 years.

Fort Worth CVB by the Numbers: 6.5 million visitors a year, up 20 percent over last five years $1.6 billion annual economic impact in Fort Worth from tourism (...

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The Texas Tribune is in the process of filing Freedom of Information requests for detailed information from state institutions and agencies on the breakdown between the median wages of men and women on their payrolls. This project is ongoing, and not all universities are in the Tribune’s...

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For those of you who want a dose of depression, we’ve provided one for you here.

The AFL-CIO maintains a database called PayWatch, which tracks compensation among chief executive officers. The database is searchable by company name, and the AFL-CIO has provided separate categories for the 100 highest paid CEOs and by state and by industry. (You can find it here:


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