Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics

#8 Best Company to Work For - Large Companies


What they do: General dentistry, pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, endodontists, and oral surgery. Clinics have “concierges” who greet patients and give them office tours; full-size gyms for kids; movie theaters with surround sound; and Xbox 360 game centers.

Employees: 100 Fort Worth employees and 15 doctors; 400 employees and 75 doctors companywide

What employees love: “Over the Top” birthday celebrations that include cake and office-wide skits and, often, roses for moms; wrapped gifts for pediatric patients with special needs; costume dress-up days; bonuses for driving improvements in the patient experience; cross-training in tasks like X-ray, patient intake, insurance verification, taking dental supply inventory, chair-side assistance, gathering patient history, and charting treatment; annual all-expenses-paid family trips to Schlitterbahn and Six Flags Over Texas.

Cool benefit: High Performance Culture and Wow Factor bonuses. Rodeo implemented one employee’s idea to assist children recovering in the office from complex procedures. “Mental exercises that are fun, face painting, unwrapping gifts, and spontaneous interactions that are funny are all part of the magic,” Maribel Noriega, the company’s vice president of human resources, says. “This is now being done at all Rodeo Offices. The team member that came up with this approach led the training and implementation across the other offices — and was awarded a HPC bonus.” Another team member came up with the idea to create an internal app that displayed employee birthdays and anniversaries for the upcoming week; Rodeo implemented that. Another employee promoted a concept of Smile Stations that contain special items like new dolls, books, and games that can be packaged into a gift box and sent to kids who required complex treatments or have special needs. “The Smile Station is now in use across the entire company,” Noriega says.

“When I first interviewed at Rodeo, I had no idea of what to expect — and I still don’t! What a crazy, spontaneous, and compassionate culture it is! As a patient advocate, I’m lucky enough to work in the Patient Loyalty team, which tees up the ultimate “wow” experience for our patient arrivals. We’re a virtual extension of each office and actually get to travel to meet the doctors and team in our Fort Worth, South Texas, Laredo, and Houston locations. With leaders that are obsessed with patient experience and a culture that values art, entertainment, individuality, and self-expression — I’m addicted to Rodeo! There — I admit it!”

- Ana Gabriela “Gaby” Silva, Patient Loyalty Advocate