Posted By Judie Byrd on 2012 Jul 2 - 3:36pm

What could be more inviting than a glistening, juicy, bubbling-over summer fruit pie? It’s one of the joys of the season.

One look at a basket of perfectly ripe peaches or berries, and I can already hear the oohs and ahhs from my family as I pull a golden, gooey, lattice-trimmed cobbler from the oven. Bring on the ice cream! The secret to whipping up a fabulous pie quickly and easily is having good, homemade pie...

Posted By Anonymous on 2012 Jun 4 - 12:34pm

If you are in hot pursuit of perfect ribs, you’ll want to take a look at insider tips and recipes from locals in the know.

by Judie Byrd If you dream of producing tender, succulent, smoked ribs in your own backyard this summer, you are in luck. Three local rib experts are sharing their recipes and tips. Secrets like which wood to use and how long to cook and an up-until-now guarded recipe for the perfect dry rub. So...

Posted By Judie Byrd on 2012 May 21 - 4:06pm

Talented local event designer Sherry Ratliff guides us through cooking and decorating for a stunning soiree featuring a beautiful table and a fresh, springy menu.

First, the tables. Sherry says to make them beautifully endearing so guests are drawn into a friendly, relaxed ambiance. Using un-matched napkins adds whimsy and a don’t-take-it-so-seriously feel. She then uses a central color (in this case, pink plates) to provide continuity and anchor the...

Posted By Judie Byrd on 2012 Mar 5 - 3:02pm

Fort Worth Style

Everyone seems to love the rustic, zesty flavors of Mexico — pungent, exotic chilies, deep, mystical cumin and the aromatics of garlic and oregano.Together it’s Latin nirvana. Our Mexican-style menu, though deliciously interesting and intriguing, is surprisingly easy and carefree...

Posted By Judie Byrd on 2012 Feb 9 - 4:09pm

When it comes to pulling out all the stops, Mardi Gras is the ultimate celebration for this local couple and their friends.

by Judie Byrd Eileen and Ace Thurman transform their house into a parade of color and splash as Eileen decorates for their annual party. This festive gathering includes their children, three grandchildren and their dear friends, Mary Margaret and John Clay, along with their kids and grandkids....


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