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Posted By Paul Harral on 2015 May 29 - 1:45pm

Each year, we ask the readers of Fort Worth, Texas magazine to name their favorite places to shop, play, drink and eat in a variety of categories. It becomes a contest among businesses in our area, as they urge their patrons to name them. Participants can vote more than once, and many do so. We got...

Posted By Paul Harral on 2015 May 29 - 11:53am

Food & Drink     ASIAN Reader Pick: Piranha Killer Sushi Piranha’s is a great before or after the theatre place because of its hours. It is popular among the downtown folks for two things, both excellent:...

Posted By Gail Bennison on 2015 Apr 21 - 4:46pm

Eclectic style meets modern farmhouse

| photography by Alex Lepe | In every aspect of their lives, Melissa and Jamey Ice mix the old and the new, finding treasures in little things that others have tossed aside. They are story collectors, culture builders and curators of their lives and the lives of others. They also have a...

Posted By Anonymous on 2015 Mar 19 - 3:50pm


Posted By Paul Harral on 2015 Feb 16 - 3:01pm

The Texas Tribune is in the process of filing Freedom of Information requests for detailed information from state institutions and agencies on the breakdown between the median wages of men and women on their payrolls. This project is ongoing, and not all universities are in the Tribune’s...

Posted By Paul Harral on 2015 Feb 16 - 2:45pm

Whether it is the first job or one in a succession of jobs, how you handle yourself in the interview and salary discussion sets the pattern for your tenure at that company.

The wage gap between men and women starts at the point of hiring, say experts who have studied the issue or who work in human resources. It is affected later in life if women interrupt their careers to have and care for children, and sometimes for reasons that can’t be explained by any...

Posted By Paul Harral on 2015 Feb 16 - 2:10pm

Differences in salaries based on gender and compared on local and national levels

How We Did It The U.S. Bureau of the Census and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report median weekly household income by industry groups, occupations and gender. Nationwide figures are reported in great detail, but more local data — such as for Tarrant County — are reported only in...

Posted By Paul Harral on 2015 Feb 16 - 12:12pm

For those of you who want a dose of depression, we’ve provided one for you here.

The AFL-CIO maintains a database called PayWatch, which tracks compensation among chief executive officers. The database is searchable by company name, and the AFL-CIO has provided separate categories for the 100 highest paid CEOs and by state and by industry. (You can find it here:

Posted By Paul Harral on 2015 Feb 16 - 11:46am

Despite gains over the last few years, women still earn less — sometimes significantly less — than men in most professions, and the difference in salaries cannot be completely explained by traditional factors such as child-rearing and other lifestyle choices. Cameron Szok, an account...

Posted By Celestina Blok on 2015 Jan 16 - 2:12pm

Fort Worth’s Best Brunch Spots

If everybody’s working for the weekend, a leisurely brunch is the reward. Unlike breakfast, often consumed in a hurry (if at all), brunch is best drawn out with decadent dishes and good conversation. It’s what inspires folks to climb out of bed and into a Bloody Mary, or three. Here are...


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