Posted By Anonymous on 2016 Feb 18 - 11:37am

By: Zack Z. Smith Ex-Frog football players build debt-free, fast-growing land services firm. A football game begins with a coin flip to determine which team kicks off and which receives the ball. Fort Worth-based Purple Land Management L.L.C., an oil and gas land services firm launched by two...

Posted By Anonymous on 2015 Aug 27 - 11:47am

Tips from local wealth management specialists for avoiding the pitfalls

| by Brianna Kessler | Ready for retirement? The truth is most people aren’t. Even after years of working, saving and planning, the time for retirement is never easy. The majority of Americans plan to work past the age of 65 or do not plan to retire at all, said Catherine Collinson,...

Posted By Jocelyn Tatum on 2015 Aug 27 - 10:59am

Female gun enthusiasts in Fort Worth

| photography by Alex Lepe | When I Googled “Women Shooting Guns,” the first 10 hits were videos of women looking like idiots. One was titled Best of Funny Girls Shooting Guns Fails-Compilation 2014, another Top 11 Videos of Girls Shooting Guns That They Shouldn’t Be. A...


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