Posted By Anonymous on 2012 Jun 4 - 3:56pm

Preventative steps against UV exposure during the summer months

by Ellen Parker With the summer comes outdoor lunches for some, long days at the pool for others, and more sun exposure for everyone. The additional vitamin D may be beneficial, but along with the sunlight comes damage to the skin. With beach days ahead and baseball games to watch, it is essential...

Posted By Anonymous on 2012 May 16 - 3:53pm

Avoid food additives and artificial preservatives to naturally preserve your body’s health.

by Ellen Parker Food additives and artificial ingredients are added to many food items to create a longer shelf life, making it hard for people to avoid purchasing these items. However, there are many restaurants, farmer’s markets and grocery stores within the area that pay attention to...

Posted By Anonymous on 2012 Mar 5 - 4:11pm

Five Trainer Tips for Better Fitness

We’ve got your water basics covered for life under the hot Texas sun. If it hasn’t been drilled into your head from day one: It’s important to drink a lot of water. People of average weight should drink 96 ounces of water per day. For every 25 pounds overweight you are, you...

Posted By Anonymous on 2012 Feb 3 - 5:28pm

by Christine Perrenot

Toasting to your health with a glass of red wine may actually have medical benefits. Research is showing that drinking red wine may actually make you healthier and even extend your life. Red wine contains polyphenol antioxidants and a substance called resveratrol. The National Cancer Institute...


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