Posted By Jocelyn Tatum on 2014 May 22 - 1:05pm

Local Jewelry Designer Margaret Toppin

Margaret Toppin describes her jewelry collection as a modern take on vintage. You started out working with clothes designers. Why jewelry? I’ve always been interested in jewelry. I’ve...

Posted By Jennifer Casseday-Blair on 2014 Apr 28 - 3:56pm

A handful of the latest trends in choosing and presenting the season’s blooms

Tips of the Trade Think Outside the Vase: A bunch of identical containers such as tumblers, votive holders or sweet, mini antique vases make a big impact. For this trend, the magic is in the details: The repeated pattern makes for a modern centerpiece on any table or mantel. Cut Twice and at an...

Posted By Jennifer Casseday-Blair on 2014 Mar 26 - 12:05pm

Captivating spring fashions abound in the beautiful setting of a colonnade-lined plaza containing an oasis of cool fountains, lush gardens and Old World charm. Inspiration came from many of the 2014 spring-summer collections’ hints of European and global styles. Rich embroidery and whispers...

Posted By Gail Bennison on 2014 Feb 25 - 3:21pm

Michael Baker’s drug of choice is motorcycles. “Always has been, always will be,” he says.

He works on them, buys and sells them, promotes and markets them. He will wear you out talking motorcycles.     Baker’s drive and unbridled passion has revved MJ Sales into the...

Posted By Alison Rich on 2014 Jan 23 - 3:52pm

Exercise one – or all – of these innovative workout-wear options, engineered to be still your fitness-focused heart.

Oh, February — the swoon-inducing month of bouquets and bon-bons, sappy cards and sweet-nothings. Sure, we heart Valentine’s Day just as much as the other guy — or gal — but we also think there’s nothing wrong with showering yourself with a little love too. Whether you...

Posted By Anonymous on 2014 Jan 7 - 12:42pm

When the last of the Christmas decorations are all neatly stored away, you are left with a bare mantelpiece that is just brimming with possibilities.

by Courtney Dabney WRARE Doug Pleskovitch and Adrian Wright, Partners 2955 Crockett St. 817.885.8881 It’s a new year. Why not spend a little time rethinking the frame...

Posted By Anonymous on 2013 Dec 11 - 2:16pm

We’re taking notes from an expert on fashion with a Southern flair. Texas native, Jessica Ramos of S.I.C. Couture, tells us about her designs and what to watch for this season.

What does S.I.C. stand for, and what is the significance behind it? S.I.C. stands for sexiness is contagious. When I came up with the name, I started out thinking of the woman I’m designing for and wanted to incorporate the word sexiness in there somewhere, and it just came to me! It is a...

Posted By Anonymous on 2013 May 30 - 4:18pm

When it comes to shopping, wouldn’t you like to kill two birds with one stone? Alisha Cole and Alaina Lansing are offering just that. Two Birds One Stone is an online boutique offering women who are on the go a unique shopping experience.

by Callie Johnston Q: Tell us a little bit about each of your backgrounds and how your friendship began. AC: To make a long story short, we were working at the same restaurant in the Stockyards and weren’t really friends at first because of our different but strong personalities. Over...

Posted By Anonymous on 2013 May 2 - 3:11pm

Not all bathing suits are created equal, at least not equally flattering for different body types. These suits are designed to enhance different figures and will have you looking your best while lounging poolside this summer.

by Callie Johnston  

Posted By Anonymous on 2013 Feb 26 - 6:09pm

They say a diamond is a girl’s best friend, and the owner of Megan Thorne Fine Jewelry couldn’t agree more.

Megan Thorne produces handmade, one-of-a-kind jewelry that is the very picture of femininity and elegance. We sat down with her to get the inside scoop on her new store on Magnolia Avenue in Fort Worth and what to look for from Megan this spring. What motivated you to start creating your own...


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