Posted By Scott Nishimura on 2017 May 22 - 3:44pm

One TCU student's memories of chronic illness and hospital stays leads to a startup that wants to bring virtual reality programming into children's hospitals, helping patients cope with pain, anxiety and depression.

As an elementary school student, Christine Clutterbuck was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, a painful, chronic inflammatory bowel disease. In and out of the hospital for two years, during which she underwent several surgeries, Clutterbuck, now a TCU senior, has been symptom-free since she was...

Posted By Jessica Llanes on 2017 Apr 27 - 12:14pm

Since its inception in the late 1970s, the IRONMAN triathlon has represented one of the most challenging and ambitious endurance racing events in the world. Competitors complete a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike and 26.2 marathon distance run to earn the prestigious IRONMAN title. The closest official...

Posted By Laura Belpedio on 2017 Mar 28 - 4:27pm

A transition of head coaches, defeating some of the top-ranking teams in the conference, breaking records – it’s been quite a year for TCU’s men’s basketball team. Now the Frogs are chasing for the title at the NIT Championship on Thursday night. Let’s look back at...

Posted By Molly Jenkins on 2017 Mar 28 - 11:14am

Chemo Buddy Bags
One Fort Worth teacher’s life-changing diagnosis led to something much greater. The items in a Chemo Buddy Bag given to a Texas Oncology cancer patient are simple: hand sanitizer, ChapStick, mints, gum, chocolate candies, cookies, crackers, and even a math problem or two. For Nancy Love...

Posted By Samantha Calimbahin on 2017 Mar 28 - 11:07am

Funding raised at this year’s Chris Kyle Memorial Benefit is going to the veterans – and the dogs. Wayne Kyle has seen the impact a service dog can have on a veteran returning to civilian life. In fact, he saw it with his son, Jeff. Jeff Kyle served in the U.S. Marine Corps for...

Posted By Kyle Whitecotton on 2017 Feb 22 - 10:06am

Blue Swallow Motel
Like rivers, wind and the setting sun, roads are ripe with metaphor. They help us understand the twists and turns of life’s long journey and teach us to appreciate all those unexpected detours. But nowhere does the road-as-life metaphor offer more intrigue than the story of Route 66. During...

Posted By Samantha Calimbahin on 2016 Dec 21 - 11:06am

Janitor-turned-TCU football player, and now Rhodes Scholar

Caylin Moore
Caylin Moore has a list of 20 goals he wants to accomplish. Last fall, he achieved one of them – to become a Rhodes Scholar. That means Moore, a senior at TCU and safety on the football team, will receive a scholarship to study at Oxford University in the fall. There, he’ll work on two...

Posted By Samantha Calimbahin on 2016 Dec 21 - 10:31am

A black-tie gala for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is headed to Fort Worth for the first time.

2016 Man and Woman of the Year (wearing red sashes), as well as Boy and Girl of the Year (middle), in Dallas
Fort Worth’s first “Man and Woman of the Year” will be announced at a black tie gala set to take place at the Fort Worth Convention Center in May. But this gala is a little different – it starts off with a competition first, and all for a good cause. Man and Woman of the...

Posted By Samantha Calimbahin on 2016 Dec 21 - 10:23am

Construction is underway for Beautiful Feet Ministries’ 11,000-square-foot facility.

Beautiful Feet members break ground for the ministry's new facility.
Beautiful Feet Ministries is getting bigger with construction beginning on an approximately 11,000-square-foot facility located west of the organization’s location at 1709 East Hattie St. “We’re very pumped about it,” said Mike Myers, pastor and director at Beautiful Feet...

Posted By Kyle Whitecotton on 2016 Dec 19 - 4:48pm

Cervecería Alemana
  When it came to travel, few could match Ernest Hemingway’s voracious hunger for adventure. As a result, the man is forever associated with a handful of places around the world including Paris, Africa, Key West and Cuba. But it was Spain that would inspire four novels, a play,...


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