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To some people, they were merely names, good for local trivia or simply for name-dropping. To others, they were icons, high on marble pedestals, untouchable and remote. They commanded respect even if we could not remember exactly why. We hope to remind you why. To friends and certainly family, they...

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an overview of our favorite best-sellers.

The Quest by Nelson DeMille $15.60 When it was first published in 1975, Nelson DeMille’s “first best book,” The Quest, had a paltry audience. The story introduced readers to the contemporary Ethiopian...

Posted By james.verheyen on 2013 Oct 3 - 9:40am

The Make a Wish Foundation of North Texas has its biggest fundraiser of the year.

Posted By Anonymous on 2013 Sep 26 - 11:42am

It started with a belief that the best way to keep animals out of shelters was to keep them at home.

In five years, the Don’t Forget to Feed Me Pet Food Pantry has grown from a small initiative of the Tarrant Area Food Bank to an independent nonprofit organization serving pet owners from Keller to Mansfield. In 2012, volunteers collected and distributed more than 50 tons of pet food to...

Posted By Jocelyn Tatum on 2013 Sep 26 - 11:14am

Many places in Fort Worth provide customized free care to help women feel confident and beautiful while fighting cancer.

During a photo shoot for breast cancer awareness, the 5-foot-9-inch 39-year-old Coqueace “KoCo” Powell stands tall in her six-inch stripper heels. Her feet are still swollen and sensitive from chemotherapy, and stripper shoes come padded for women who spend hours on their feet. They...

Posted By Anonymous on 2013 Sep 25 - 4:42pm

Goodwill industries of Fort Worth is doing way more than recycling old clothes and goods. This organization recycles lives.

by Kayla Mulliniks Goodwill Industries of Fort Worth stays true to founder Edgar J. Helms’ philosophy: “Giving a hand up, not a hand out.”  Spanning far beyond the typical thrift store, Goodwill branches out to help people with disadvantages or disabilities to obtain the...

Posted By Anonymous on 2013 Sep 25 - 4:27pm

One person dies every day resulting from complications of Cystic Fibrosis. One donor-supported nonprofit organization is making great strides to reduce that number to zero.

Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is a rare and fatal genetic disease. About 30,000 people in the U.S. and 70,000 people worldwide have CF, and 10 million Americans are symptomless carriers of a defective CF gene. According to Melanie Hannah, executive director of the Northeast Chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis...

Posted By Anonymous on 2013 Aug 28 - 11:25am

How a family legacy created Fort Worth’s ultimate man hangout and how it now helps the city’s youth to a deeper calling.

by Caitlin Rodgers • Photography by Jason Kindig On the surface, it’s exactly what you would expect. Pull through steely, silver gates and an impressive array of games including shuffleboard, pool, ping pong, pinball, foosball and air hockey await inside the garage. Plush,...

Posted By Christy Dunaway Smith on 2013 Aug 18 - 9:41pm

Looking for something fun to do with your kids this Thursday evening?  Daireds Salon & Spa Pangéa and special guest, Megan Gage with Hot Tot hair care products, are hosting a Hair Trends 101 Workshop for parents to learn how to do the latest hairstyles for back-to-school...

Posted By Sonya Cisneros Curry on 2013 Aug 14 - 4:58pm

Learning never ceases in the Tarrant Area Food Bank Community Kitchen

Some could argue that a bit of magic happens everyday in the Tarrant Area Food Bank Community Kitchen. Nine students who range in age from 20 to 50 never cease to learn something new that invigorates their passion for a career in the food services industry. Dreams are being realized thanks to the...


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