Leaves Book and Tea Shop

Posted By FW Mag Staff on 2018 Nov 6 - 2:27pm

Tina Howard
Anyone who knows tea understands there’s a big difference between the mass “dust bags” at Walmart and 50 varieties of loose tea picked from the far corners of the world and steeped in an Alpha Dominche Steampunk brewer. With that distinction, entrepreneurs Tina and Todd Howard...

Posted By Anonymous on 2018 Aug 20 - 5:13pm

Leaves Book and Tea Shop
by Jenelle Garcia The much-anticipated tea shop in the Near Southside has set an opening date. Leaves Book and Tea Shop is set to open Sept. 1 at 120 St. Louis Ave., Ste. 100, inside the Dickson-Jenkins Lofts and Plaza. With more than 40 varieties of hot and iced teas, plus a curated selection of...