Tokyo Café

Try This: Bao Buns
5121 Pershing Ave. |

The second coming of Mary and Jarry Ho’s Tokyo Café was not so much a reopening as it was a rebirth. A fire in 2014 laid to waste the west side restaurant, a staple of the Camp Bowie area for 17 years (Jarry's parents opened the original in 1997). “It was a horrible experience, for sure,” says executive chef Kevin Martinez. “We basically had to start over.

But things had changed so much culinary-wise in Fort Worth since the fire. So many new places had opened. We knew we had to come back better than before.” When it reopened in late 2016, diners were greeted with a bright, airy dining room, decorated with custom-made, cool paper lanterns, and a revised menu that featured updated riffs on Tokyo Café classics.

New kinds of sushi, ramen and rice bowls sat side by side with new offerings, including a rotating selection of bao buns, soft, steamed buns filled with pork belly, chicken and other meats.

Martinez says to expect more additions soon. He recently took a long trip to Japan, where he picked up a few ideas for new dishes.

Pictured Right: Mary and Jarry Ho and family outside of Tokyo Cafe.

Pictured: New York Sunrise Roll