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Hayden Blackburn takes over as executive director of Fort Worth startup incubator

Darlene Boudreaux TechFW Hayden Blackburn Fort Worth
Darlene Boudreaux, a retired pharma entrepreneur who nurtured new generations of entrepreneurs as executive director of the TechFW incubator, said Wednesday she was stepping down from her post after 12 years and would remain a coach for the organization. Hayden Blackburn, TechFW’s assistant...

Posted By Scott Nishimura1 on 2018 Sep 11 - 3:49pm

TEXRail Train
Tarrant County, after years in the making, is finally getting rail service to DFW Airport, when Trinity Metro launches TEXRail on New Year’s Eve between T&P Station on the Near Southside to the airport, with seven stops. Higher-density development has already surfaced around several of...

Posted By Scott Nishimura1 on 2018 Sep 11 - 3:40pm

Beth and Trent Prim
The economy was headed into recession in 2007 when Trent Prim left his job at the construction company Linbeck to start a firm with his wife, Beth. The couple had one job in hand. “It wasn't as bad (the first year) as the next year or the next couple of years,” Trent Prim jokes....

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Susan Gruppi and Jessica Worman
It was a good question: Susan Gruppi and Jessica Worman had organized 19 investors – dad and one of his business partners, ex-bosses, TCU friends, colleagues – to buy a warehouse. It was their first deal after they left jobs to form a real estate company out of a small coworking space...

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Locavore Interior
Caterer Carlo Capua, founder of Z’s Café in Fort Worth, got a strong sense of the potential demand for a small business kitchen incubator in the city when he began offering his Near Southside commercial kitchen for rent. “For every 10 people who called me, I could only help two...

Posted By Samantha Calimbahin on 2018 Sep 11 - 1:50pm

Rocky Icelandic Landscape
From leading expeditions through educational organization Outward Bound to clearing landmines with nonprofit HALO Trust, David Gill has spent most of his life traveling everywhere from Africa to South America. But the U.K. native eventually found himself in Texas, thanks to his wife, Audri. They...

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Harley Davidson Motorcycle
You can’t miss it. In Arlington, just off Interstate 20 right before you hit The Parks at Arlington mall, stands what appears to be a hunting lodge in the middle of the city — stone walls and stylishly imperfect wood paneling grace the exterior; balconies line the second floor; and...

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A change in weather often comes with more tissues sprawled across office desks and more shouts of “bless you” heard across cubicle walls. But before you reach into your drawer to pass along your handy bottle of Zyrtec to your coworkers, consider a more natural remedy: food. Local chef...

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Brandon Burton
Brandon Burton’s first job was selling newspaper subscriptions at age 11 in his Orange County, California, hometown. Son of a single mom on food stamps, “my mom didn’t really have the financial means to take care of me,” he says. “I just realized that was a way of life...

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Gabe Williams Throwing Sneakers
Gabe Williams is no stranger to taking chances. He took a chance as an MBA student at TCU, when Elliott Hill — then-president of geographies and integrated marketplace at Nike — visited the university for his daughter’s college tour. TCU’s career office got word of his visit...


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