Posted By Anonymous on 2014 Apr 25 - 5:05pm

Chef Molly McCook is sharing two of her signature seasonings with online shoppers. Fort Worth-based Chef Shelf was founded in 2013. The online retailer brings restaurant-quality items like sauces, spices and cookbooks directly to home cooks. That is why they will be introducing two of McCook’...

Posted By Anonymous on 2014 Mar 24 - 2:27pm

Getting kids involved in gardening process at an early age encourages a healthy love of vegetables.

The Fort Worth Botanic Garden offers a monthly program from April through November for children ages 18 months – 3 years that explores the tastes, smells, colors and textures of vegetables as well as basic gardening tasks. Ideal for the little ones that love being outside, the events are set...

Posted By Anonymous on 2014 Mar 7 - 3:00pm

Diners come and go, but the Paris Coffee Shop has been serving delicious, down home food since 1926. This video is the second in a four part series celebrating the historical gems in Fort Worth that have been feeding us for generations.

Posted By Alison Rich on 2014 Feb 19 - 12:16pm

Fort Worth is a city rich with talent in the culinary arts. It’s time for the world to get a taste! The four-day festival honors the distinctive and diverse nature of Fort Worth’s culinary and beverage scene.

Set for March 27-30, 2014, the first annual Fort Worth Food + Wine Festival will infuse historic venues and homegrown flavor with celebrated local chefs, culinary professionals and winemakers into one taste-filled weekend.     The Festival focuses on three core factors: to promote...

Posted By Anonymous on 2014 Jan 24 - 12:40pm

Just like the colorful and flamboyant movie industry headquartered in Bombay, the vibrant flavors of Indian cuisine will leave your mouth watering for more at Bombay Grill.

Most of the Indian food in Fort Worth has been introduced to us by Paul Singh. He founded Maharaja with family recipes from the Northern state of Punjab about 25 years ago. Along with his partner, Nirmal Jassal, Singh opened Bombay Grill, showcasing the same tempting repertoire 10 years ago....

Posted By Jenni Hanley on 2014 Jan 24 - 12:15pm

Jerry Hitt’s new restaurant, The Fillin’ Station in downtown Granbury, has been growing steadily thanks to loyal customers and rave word-of-mouth reviews.

After years of waiting patiently, Jerry Hitt is finally getting to live life in the fast lane—and he’s starting with lunch. A self-proclaimed “car nut,” Hitt designed the place with speed racers and stick shifts in mind. It’s an energetic, auto-themed atmosphere that...

Posted By Jessica Llanes on 2014 Jan 2 - 4:29pm

The Bearded Lady has established itself as a quirky neighborhood pub done right, but its enviable craft beer list and inventive menu make it worth a visit for anyone in the Metroplex.

Co-owners Shannon Osbakken and Eric Clayton created a relaxed environment at The Bearded Lady by preserving the dark wood interior. Tamarind Beer Glazed Pork Wings are fall-off-the-bone tender...

Posted By Anonymous on 2013 Dec 12 - 10:51am

Elizabeth Northern has a fascination with cheese, make that a passion! That is why she opened The Magnolia Cheese Co. last December, and she hasn't been able to wipe that satisfied grin off her face ever since.

Northern says that the mission of her team of experts and cheesemongers "is to both educate and delight" their clientele. That sounds like heady stuff, but once you visit, you'll get it. Before the days of the cheese department at Central Market or having a plethora of imported...

Posted By Judie Byrd on 2013 Dec 11 - 2:01pm

It's the time of year for the comfort of family and food.

Colorful, comforting and creative, this season’s fruits and vegetables add special touches to big holiday feasts as well as everyday family suppers. Here are a few of my favorites, each with a little twist. For a delicious new cranberry idea, find my Autumn Fruit Compote recipe at

Posted By Anonymous on 2013 Oct 28 - 3:40pm

We annually ask our readers for their thoughts on the food scene in and around Fort Worth. It’s kind of like homework, because the categories are many and varied. But they are up to it. Or at least 406 of our readers were in this last round. Once we have those votes, the meetings in the...


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