Posted By Anonymous on 2012 Oct 11 - 11:39am

Thanks, Mr. Strait, for bringing Katy to Texas

How does a Canadian-born little girl turn into a Texas country singer? Katy Keenie shares her story. How did you end up in Texas? My dad was a horse trainer, and one day he heard a song by George Strait and said, ‘We’ve got to move to Texas. That’s where all the horses are....

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What locals are listening to.

Red Taylor Swift (price not yet released) It’s time for the fourth studio album by Taylor Swift. Someone’s going to cash in big time. After nailing the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 with her first single, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, off her latest album,...

Posted By james.verheyen on 2012 Oct 4 - 9:12am

Check out The Oak Music Hall and Lounge where you can enjoy live music, good food, and drinks.  For more information about upcoming events and the good eats, check out their website:

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What locals are listening to

Beams Matthew Dear $8 Dear Matthew Dear, your music rocks. Surely your rising fame and DJ past hinted that to you, but with the release of Beams, there’s no doubt your fan base is expanding. Matthew Dear’s fourth full-length album combines his passion for techno and rock into an...

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This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition, which forever altered the cultural and musical landscape of our city.

Throughout the last half of the 20th century, many great people contributed their time and efforts to making Fort Worth the great city that it is today. And while attempting to find one person or group solely responsible for our prosperity would be at best an exercise in futility, there were...

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Director Steve Wiest keeps the band on its toes

by Jennifer Retter When you direct a world-famous jazz band with six Grammy nominations, how on earth can you go any higher? Fort Worth, Texas talked with director Steve Wiest to see how the One O’Clock Lab Band keeps its prestige. What is the audition process like? In jazz studies, every...

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His and Hers  Joey + Rory $12.99 Ever listen to sweet country tunes and wonder if the artist actually has a sweetheart he’s singing to? Not only do Joey and Rory create catchy country tunes, but also they’re a cute couple to boot. Love songs are infinitely more encouraging...

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by Celestina Blok

Not since the Caravan of Dreams closed has Fort Worth seen a music venue like The Live Oak Music Hall & Lounge, but this new destination spot reaches beyond the Caravan. Clint Simpson prayed about the decision he had to make: stay in his hometown of Fort Worth or pack up and move his family to...

Posted By Anonymous on 2012 Jul 2 - 3:18pm

Gonzales makes a splash with his first album and is already focused on album No. 2.

More and more people have been taking notice of the sweet sound Israel Gonzales is making. Known best for his firm grip of what it means to be an acoustical singer/songwriter, Gonzales has soaring vocals, honest lyrics and a soulful sound. He is already focusing on his second album after the recent...

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Overexposed Maroon 5 $9.99 (Deluxe edition: $12.99) With Adam Levine’s rising stardom, Maroon 5 couldn’t have chosen a more appropriate album name. The pop rock band, known years ago by heartfelt hits like She Will Be Loved, has transitioned into a big-name act in the music world...


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