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by Andrew Van Heusden Saddle up for a wild finish, because next week is the final week of this year’s Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. It’s not too late to grab your cowboy boots and see it all one last time. Here are some last-minute things to do. 1. Go museum hopping. Enrich...

Posted By Samantha Calimbahin on 2016 Sep 29 - 11:50am

A Guinness World Record holder is visiting the Fort Worth Stockyards – and he’s on sale. Bluegrass, a nine-year-old longhorn that holds the Guinness World Record for largest horn spread, arrived at the Stockyards on Wednesday. Last October, Bluegrass measured at 119.5 inches. He will...

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We are proud to announce, that two community bloggers - Jackie McGinnis and Trey Chapman will be covering various topics related to all things Western! Stay tuned!

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Cowboy churches rein in the strays

Bert Devers was 94 and had never attended a day of church. But two months after he started attending a cowboy church, he made his profession of faith. Two broken hips postponed his baptism for two years, but in October last year, church elders and lay pastors lifted the old cowboy, wheelchair and...