Posted By Anonymous on 2012 Jun 4 - 10:00am

When Terry and Caris Turpen decided to try their hand at wine making, they had no idea how many awards and accolades their vintages would garner. And now the food has become a major draw also at Light Catcher Winery and Bistro.

by Courtney Dabney At first the bistro-style menu was just a side venture, offering visitors something to snack on and hoping to give them a reason to relax and stay a while after a wine tasting. Then it became apparent that the lovely tree-lined property and outdoor terrace provided a perfect...

Posted By Anonymous on 2012 Feb 3 - 5:28pm

by Christine Perrenot

Toasting to your health with a glass of red wine may actually have medical benefits. Research is showing that drinking red wine may actually make you healthier and even extend your life. Red wine contains polyphenol antioxidants and a substance called resveratrol. The National Cancer Institute...


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